Insights from AdBridge™

Video Benchmarks Q1 2019

Connected TV is transforming the digital advertising ecosystem. This comprehensive report, based on the latest aggregate performance metrics from ER’s robust proprietary video ad server within AdBridge, shows 49% of video ad impressions going to CTV. Completion rates on CTV reached a new high in Q1 and longer ad lengths overall continued to rise.

Our industry-wide snapshot identifies emerging ad performance trends from a diverse set of brands across multiple categories. Viewer click-through, video ad completion and viewability rates, invalid traffic and time spent are all covered on these pages along with details on media destination (premium publisher vs. media aggregator) and device (desktop, mobile, tablet and connected television).

We introduce new metrics in this report for in-view and audible rates (p. 8) that shed light on how much of an actual ad can be seen or heard when the ad starts, when it stops, as well as the total duration in seconds.

Dive in and be sure to reach out with any questions or comments.