Click-Through Rate / Engagement and Average Time Spent


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Q3 2017 / Q3 2018

CTR by Media Type

The Click-Through Rate remained quite steady for premium publishers in Q3 with a very slight decrease from Q2, landing at 0.12%. The rate for aggregators, while much higher than that of premium sites, saw a significant decline to 0.37% Q3 from 0.54% in Q2 and from a high in Q1 of 0.59%. Click-Through Rate is generally not a KPI that most marketers prioritize for video advertising. Keep in mind that the fluctuation in these numbers is small, given that all percentages are under 1%.

CTR by Ad Length

Click-Through Rates for both 15-second and 30-second ads decreased in Q3. 15-second ads are down from a high of 0.40% in Q2 to 0.30% and 30-second spots fell from 0.20% in Q2 to 0.14% in Q3. What’s consistent from Q2 is that viewers are less likely to click away from ads during longer spots.

CTR by Device

Click-Through Rates on all devices declined in Q3 versus Q2. At 0.23%, desktop showed the lowest rate and the smallest decline from Q2. Rates on mobile and desktop fell significantly, landing at 0.41% and 0.39% respectively.

Average Percent Time Spent

Average Time Spent by Seconds