Video Completion Rate


Average VCR

The average Video Completion Rate continued to rise in Q2, hitting a new high of 83%. This is good news for advertisers emphasizing viewer completion over click through rates.


Quarter / Quarter

Q1 2018 / Q2 2018


Year / Year

Q2 2017 / Q2 2018

VCR by Media Type

The Video Completion Rate for premium sites continued to increase significantly in Q2, hitting an all time high of 92%, while the rate for aggregators declined slightly. This is one of several metrics that show the continuing strength of premium sites and their ability to engage consumers in a reliable, brand-safe environment.

VCR by Ad Length

30-second ads remained steady from Q1 to Q2, while the rate for 15-second ads decreased very slightly quarter over quarter. 30-second ads have a higher completion rate than their 15-second sibling. VCR for 6-second spots saw an increase from 74% in Q1 to 82% in Q2.

VCR by Device

The Video Completion Rate for desktop, mobile (smart phones) and tablet, all increased in Q2 vs Q1. CTV saw a slight decline in VCR vs Q1, but they remain very high because viewers tend to be committed to the content and don’t have the option to skip the ads.

CTV = Connected TV, e.g., Roku, Apple TV, Playstation and Amazon Firestick