General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) Filtered Rate


Average GIVT by Reason

After reaching a low in Q1, the filtered rate for General Invalid Traffic returned to levels in Q2 that are more consistent with the past several quarters, though still lower than rates of Q2 2017. GIVT remains consistently higher among media aggregators than on premium publisher sites, with Q2 seeing rates of 8.94% and 2.66% respectively.


Quarter / Quarter

Q1 2018 / Q2 2018


Year / Year

Q2 2017 / Q2 2018

Premium Media Vendor GIVT

High Frequency/Outlier Activity generally tops the list of reasons for filtering General Invalid Traffic across the board, but for premium publishers in Q2, like Q1, Invalid Browser was the leading reason for GIVT.

Media Aggregator GIVT

Among media aggregators, High Frequency/Outlier Activity was again the leading reason for GIVT by a large margin.