Video Completion Rate


Average VCR

The average Video Completion Rate was up considerably in Q1 2018 over all quarters in 2017. Premium media sites saw the largest increase and media aggregators were up versus all quarters of 2017 as well.


Quarter / Quarter

Q4 2017 / Q1 2018


Year / Year

Q1 2017 / Q1 2018

VCR by Media Type

Higher VCR for premium sites is likely due to the increase in CTV traffic, which is typically non-skippable, as illustrated by the VCR breakdown by device.

VCR by Ad Length

With the wider adoption of 6-second video ads, we’ve added this new length to our benchmarks starting with Q1 2018. And while shorter video ads are showing a marked increase in Video Completion Rate, it may seem surprising that 30-second ads would show the greatest increase over previous quarters, even more than their 15-second siblings.

Though our chart shows the completion rate for 6-second ads is 74%, when removing any impressions where 3rd party measurement was not also available for completions, the rate jumps to 90%.

VCR by Device

VCR for all device types increased in Q1 2018 beyond levels seen in all quarters of 2017. Even desktop, which declined from Q2 to both Q3 and Q4, rose beyond its 2017 height in Q1 2018.

CTV numbers are consistently high because viewers tend to be committed to the content they’ve chosen to watch and they don’t have an option to skip the ads. Completion rate for CTV rose from a steady 94% throughout 2017 to 95% in Q1 2018.

CTV = Connected TV, e.g., Roku, Apple TV, Playstation and Amazon Firestick