General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) Filtered Rate



Quarter / Quarter

Q3 2017 / Q4 2017


Year / Year

Q4 2016 / Q4 2017

GIVT by Reason

High frequency/outlier activity topped the list of reasons ad campaigns were filtered for General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) in 2017. Q3 of 2017 saw a spike in GIVT, but the year ended with a significantly lower percentage of GIVT than Q4 2016: 5.18% in Q4 2017 vs. 8.66% for Q4 2016.

Premium Media Vendor GIVT

GIVT rates for premium media vendors followed a similar path as the overall reasons for GIVT. High frequency/outlier activity was the main cause for filtering on premium publisher sites, with activity in this category witnessing an unexplained uptick in Q3 2017. The year finished with high frequency rates down from 4.92% in Q4 2016 to 2.22% in Q4 2017.

Media Aggregator GIVT

Among media aggregators, high frequency/outlier activity was also the leading reason for GIVT. Rates fell from 16.47% in Q4 2016 to 9.45% in Q1 2017 and ended the year at 11.02% in Q4 2017.