2017 Full Year Analysis

In comparing full year 2017 to full year 2016, three trends stand out:

  • Ad fraud is down
  • Mobile has moved into the lead
  • Advertisers are focusing on completion and away from click through as a video ad campaign goal

Looking back to 2015 provides a broader view of the trends we’re seeing.

Video Completion Rates by Year

Click-Through Rates by Year

Advertisers are focusing on attention over engagement: More advertisers shifted their focus in 2017 toward video ad completion and away from click through (CTR) as a video ad campaign goal. Declines in CTR (-14.7 percent overall, -35.7 percent for premium) and increases in completion (up 7.7 percent overall and 14.1 percent for premium) are both signs that advertisers are likely focusing campaigns on sustained viewer attention instead of driving clicks away from the ad unit.

General Invalid Traffic Rate by Year

Ad fraud is down: Advertisers and their partners appear to be winning the fight against video ad fraud. Compared to 2016, filtered bot traffic is down 31 percent on average, and 40 percent for aggregators. The drop is likely the result of increased pressure for accountability from advertisers, as well as a corresponding increase in vigilance among ad tech vendors.

Average Percent of Impressions by Device by Year

Mobile moves into the lead: The 2017 benchmarks suggest the days of video’s dominance on desktop PCs are behind us as mobile plays an increasingly important role. The average percentage of impressions served to mobile phones increased every quarter throughout 2017, while desktop impressions decreased over the same period. Year-over-year, mobile devices also gained a 25.9 percent greater share of impressions, while desktop dropped 8.6 percent. The change is more marked when comparing 2017 to 2015 (up 70.6 percent for mobile, down 38.5 percent for desktop).

*Unclassified captures impressions from user agents who are known to be valid, as per industry sources, but whose platform or device we are unable to identify. Previously filtered out of net impressions, they are now counted as valid impressions in this new category.

Average Percent of Time Spent by Year

Small Player Rate by Year

In-Banner Video by Year

Viewability by Year

Viewable Completion Rate by Year